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June 2024

meow it took a few months of sitting on it but her website is starting to come together at last. she's managed to find a look she likes, she's been accepted into all(?) of the webrings she applied to (no more dead links! ^m^), and she's starting to add pages with stuff in them. it's a very random and messy place, under construction in perpetuity, but that's okay. it's fitting :3

so much has happened this year. many changes, big plans. it's easy to get overwhelmed thinking about everything that has, is, and will happen. many ups and downs and turn-arounds, but mostly ups and things look to keep going up. she's going to write and more fleshed out mid-year review type thing, maybe, as her first full blog post. that's going to be a long first post hehe.

now that she has a design she likes for her site, it's time to start hacking away at the code, organizing and cleaning it up as much as possible. She also wants to simplify the layout to minimize the amount of extra code needed for smaller screen sizes. she's thinking about doing "fun" versions of pages which will be where she has fun trying out different layouts and designs. These would be available by adding "/fun/" to the end of page urls.

meow meow :3