hey! her name's robynne! welcome to her little corner of the internet. she's still figuring out what she wants to do with this place so there's not much here yet, but feel free to check out her links and stuff.


this is her first year journaling with any amount of consistency. while looking back at entries in a notebook from earlier this year she had the idea to - once it was filled out - anonymize it and leave it somewhere to be found, hopefully by a more curious type. (but more likely tossed in a bin where it belongs.) and it's cool to think that there's someone out there who knows her on a deeper level than most, but also has no idea who she is. she doesn't think she's especially interesting, but she thinks everyone's story is interesting in it's own way.

this is a version of that. and also a pet project of hers. she's always wanted to have her own website. learning html and css has been a lot of fun, too.

Basic Data

Born: 1993

Location: united states

Neuro: autism, adhd

Pronouns: she/her, it/its, 3rd person

Politics: post-left anarchism

Philosophy: nihilism, egoism

meow meow :3